Vi fransstylister ska jobba hellre med volym och inte längd, även om det heter fransförlängning. Varför? Svaret får ni här, när ni läser genom Frankie Widdows kloka ord:

When we lash our clients, predominantly when volume lashing – did you know it’s actually more about adding volume rather than extending the length.
Here the client has naturally long lashes – sitting at 11/12mm long.
Many techs would look to extend even this, adding maybe 13/14/15mm.
Ok this may suit the odd client but in reality lengths like this WILL distort most clients faces.
Yes they think they want them long and of course we have to keep our clients happy but here the use of a stronger curl such as a D ( used here ) will lift up to the Brow and give the illusion of length that the client desires.
I rarely lash longer that 11mm and I tend to match the length of the nl rather than extend – and I NEVER extend the length of inner and outer lashes – only ever match.
These delicate areas cannot cope with the stress of length so 5/6/7/8 mm lengths only on inner and outer corners, it looks so much prettier and lasts much longer:
Remember – long lashes = spider look
Shorter lashes = fullness and volume

Eyelash excellence fringed lashes på bilden häruppe:
D curl
Lash map 7/8/9/10/11/12/10/9/8 kitten


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